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Green Screen Studio Hire in London

Looking for a green screen studio for your visual effects needs? There’s no other place to go. The Camden Studio is a cyclorama and green screen studio to rent in London perfect for filming broadcast multi-camera interviews, TV commercials, music videos, web presentations and many more.

Commonly used for TV weather forecasts, wherein the presenter appears to be standing in front of a huge weather map, green screen technology is utilized in order to produce a different background for a video. This technique is also commonly used in the Hollywood for special effects.

This technology make people look like they’re in an entirely different place. The primary subject is filmed against a plain background which is normally either green or blue.

Green Screen Studio Hire in London

Why is it Green?

It does not have to be green all the time. The technique can be done using any colour. Green is used often because it’s easiest for most modern cameras to pick up, giving the editor the spotless possible image. It’s also a less common clothing colour which means that it’s less likely to cause any embarrassing disappearing outfits.

With green screen, it’s simple to superimpose anything or anyone into any shot. You can transport yourself to the moon, appear in your favourite film, or make a presentation along with all important facts and figures.

Green Screen Studio in London

The Camden Studio features a sound proof room, 12 Space lights & 12 cyclorama lights are enduringly rigged through dimmers with a 42 channel programmable lighting desk. This lighting condition is perfect for use in a green screen studio.

We also have an extra wide and dense fabric with a pebbly matte appearance. The material is 100% polyester and is perfect for green screen shooting.

Green Screen Studio Hire in London

The Camden Studio is able to consult and provide green screen studio events in the UK for all kinds of events. We also provide full camera and crew packages at favourable rates in association with our companies Aimimage and ICE Film.

Please browse around our website and discover how the products we offer can meet your particular needs. Got questions about our services? Call us at 020 7419 0567. We are always happy to help.

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