60% of people prefer to watch a video about a company in comparison to reading about them, according to GoAnimate. So having an exciting and far from a boring video can make the difference when deciding about hiring a company or not. Corporate videos have changed over the past few years and are no longer dull now, they often tell a little story and are filled with emotions.

Great videos can lead to a higher brand engagement and also end up going viral, the dream of any marketer. So here are our 5 examples of our favorite corporate videos from the past few years.


1. Dove – Real Beauty Sketches

In 2013 Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches was the most viewed commercial of the year and impressed millions of people around the world. An FBI sketch artist drew individuals how they described themselves to him and then let strangers, whom they’ve previously met, do the same. The results were extraordinary and really showed the insecurities of women and the distorted image they have of themselves. The commercial is filled with emotions and reinforces the brand identity from Dove which is to help women with their self-esteem.


2. Ikea – Experience the power of a bookbook

This video from Ikea is a great example of how funny and creative corporate videos can be. They copied the style from Apple’s product videos to launch their 2015 catalog in a unique and fantastic way. Apple has often been criticized for it’s over exaggeration in those videos, so you can only imagine how amusing this one must be. It’s a unique approach that will definitely get people talking and has nearly reached 20 million views too.


3. John St – Catvertising

John St is a Canadian advertising company who previously won everyone over with the Pink Pony: A Case Study video. In 2011 they returned and created one of the best clips ever made about cats in marketing. Cat videos have been a huge trend for years and years now which they used to their advantage and created a funny video with a fantastic storyline. It’s quite simply a must see for any cat lover.



4. Thai Life Insurance – Unsung Hero

The tear-jerking ad created by Thai Life insurance in 2014 has become one of the most shared videos on Facebook. It’s a beautiful story about a young man who lives his life helping others and not wanting anything in return with a stunning ending that is goosebump worth.

‘Ever wondered what is it we want from life exactly? Why do some people have plenty of money, still no joy? This clip might not be the answer, but it may be a starting point for you to do something, to find the answer yourself’



5. Apple – 24.01.2014

Apple Mac celebrated their 30th birthday in 2014, which is why they asked Jake Scott to produce a video in aid of the most popular laptops out there. Jake Scott had the brilliant video to ask videographers around the world to capture their day on an iPhone only. It’s a beautifully done video with some stunning views and landscapes.

‘Thirty years ago Macintosh promised to put technology in the hands of the people. To celebrate Mac’s birthday, this film was shot around the world in one day, entirely on iPhone. Here’s to the next thirty.’



We hope you enjoyed watching our favorite corporate videos and we are super interested in knowing which one your favorite videos are, so please let us know either via Twitter or Facebook!