A business needs a well-rounded marketing plan, complete with high-quality content to get results and attract customers. These days, it’s cheaper and easier to get a corporate video produced than ever. It should be a big part of your business marketing plan, yet many businesses are putting it off because they just don’t know where to start or what to do.

Here’s a roundup of successful corporate videos to inspire you:



Shopify’s corporate video is an excellent example of showing off innovations and how well your company is doing. In the video, the focus is put on outlining the good work ethic, opportunity, and team spirit. This is a powerful tool for recruiting specialists and helps to create a brilliant corporate image for B2B marketing. It shows critical aspects, such as innovation, enthusiasm, and trust.

The incredible thing about this video? It’s powerful even though they don’t mention anything about their services! Rather than trying to put everything they could say into one video, they knew it was better to produce two separate videos. It’s worth remembering that your video will work best when optimised to achieve one goal, rather than multiple.


Ikea: Experience the power of a bookbook

This video style is clearly copied from Apple’s product videos, which are often criticised for being exaggerated. It’s a smart video and an excellent example of corporate video advertisement. You can’t deny that the video is entertaining and that it stays in your mind afterwards.



One of the best ways to engage potential clients and recruits? Humour, of course. However, being careful is a must, as people find different things funny. This Twitter video combines a variety of some of the most popular comedic approaches from the last decade. Surprisingly, it works well. It also uses the current marketing trend that relies on retro or two-dimensional vector graphics.



You can always rely on Google to create great things, and it’s no different with their corporate video. The observational documentary style takes a cinematic approach, which helps them discuss the ‘dry’ nature of technology. The camera moves regularly, and they intercut solid slow-motion shots, as well as using interviews complete with negative space. The video has a pop-culture feel that works perfectly for the subject.


Hubspot: What is HubSpot?

If there is ever an example of a great corporate branding video, Hubspot’s video is it. In just two minutes you are made aware of what HubSpot is, the brand, and their direction. It’s a professional video that also conveys a relatable and fun attitude, which can be very difficult to achieve for most!


The above five great examples of corporate video are all varied in subject matter and style enough to hopefully give you some inspiration for your very own brand. Knowing who you’re targeting with your ad and outlining your primary objective will help you to create something compelling!

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