‘Gone With the Wind’ grossed $1.6 billion (adjusted) and sold 200 million tickets, ‘Avatar’ sold 97 million tickets…

And 2017 is full of promising and exciting movie premieres… Will any of them be breaking box offices records? Let’s take a look:

From a second ‘Paddington’ and the hugely anticipated remake of the classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ – here are  our Top 7 movies to look out for in 2017:


1. Beauty And The Beast

Remember when Disney first announced they would be reworking their animated classics into live action movies and social media was awash with naysayers and doom mongers? That all changed with last year’s release ‘The Jungle Book’ which was a ‘roaring’ success and showed the huge promise of this strategy from the Mouse House. 

The B&tB trailer broke the one-day viewing record on YouTube, which is unsurprising given a great cast, stunning teaser imagery and the much loved 1990’s precursor. Personally, we think the costumes ROCK! Can’t wait for March 17th.

2. The Lego Batman Movie

Well we all know what a huge success the first movie was,managing to please kids and adults alike, so, no pressure Lego Batman, everyone expects your movie to be just as cool. Warner Bros are releasing the film next month and have more Lego movies planned!

3. Logan

After so many successful outings, Wolverine will be retiring this year with a final film called ‘Logan’. It’s an adaption of the comic book story ‘Old Man Logan’ and will be featuring familiar faces such as Professor X. Goose-bump-inducing trailer above 🙁


4. John Wick: Chapter 2

‘John Wick’ is one of those badass movies full of bad guys, violence and a lot of action that will keep action fans glued to their seats and basically wondering who will die next. Keanu Reeves aka John Wicks is a retired hitman who returns to his old profession after someone kills his precious dog and steals his car! Good enough reason to go on a shooting spree. Scheduled for release later in the year.

5. Justice League

After ‘Superman vs Batman’ and ‘Suicide Squad’ being more a hit and run than must watch, DC Comics will be looking to deliver a robust answer to competitor Marvel Studios’ unfailingly popular output. The movie will feature some favourite DC characters in addition to the big hitters from the earlier film, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. 

Fingers crossed DC can exceed expectations this time around.  

6. Kingsman: The Golden Circle


The casts for Kingsman 2 looks pretty amazing! Julianne Moore, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, Mark Strong, Vinnie Jones and Elton John. What’s not to love? Accordingly expectations are super high for the newest Vaugh-Goldman collab. The super talented duo have a great track record having given us Stardust, Kickass, X-Men and of course the fist Kingsman.

Unfortunately the release date has been put back a few months so we’ll have to wait till October to finally be able to watch it! 


7. Star Wars: Episode VIII

After Disney first announced it had bought the rights to the Star Wars franchise in 2012 and would be making more new films, the reaction was everything from shock and horror to excitement at the prospect of a crowd-pleasing production house with a knack for pleasing everyone taking on the iconic franchise. Did they deliver? Perhaps die-hard Star Wars fans were left disgruntled but for the most part the Disney take over has been a success, despite the sky high expectations. Can’t wait for Christmas to roll around for the next one!


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