Commercials can be boring and quite unpleasant when watching a really good film or TV series, but sometimes they can entertain and make you feel something special in a few minutes, something some films can’t achieve in 90. Budweiser, for example, has created some amazing ads in the past – ‘The Lost Dog’ is by far one of the most emotional commercials ever created and shown on TV. Find a list below of our favourite commercials that make us look forward to the break:


1.Doritos ‘No Dogs Allowed’

We recently discovered the 2016 Super Bowl commercial from Doritos, which was created by Jacob Chase from Los Angeles. It matches all criteria to be super cute, funny and definitely, makes everyone say ‘aww’. It’s not something that hasn’t been done before and lacks a bit of originality, but it’s cute and includes three dogs dressed up as humans – what is there not to love?


2. Android ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’

In case you haven’t come across this commercial yet, it’s time to click the link below and go on a great roller coaster of emotions. It shows the three well-known enemies Rock, Paper, and Scissors making friends with each other and overcoming bullying. They couldn’t have done a better job by picking a child’s game to teach the lessons of working together, rather than against each other. It might only be a short animation, but it certainly is very heartfelt.


3.Official Mobile Strike ‘Arnold Fight

A commercial starring ‘The Terminator’ as the main character, what is there not to like? It shows Arnold desperately trying to get his phone whilst fighting all these people – in a generation like ours people just cannot stand being without it obviously. Bit silly really, but people love it and downloaded the game. Just proves they don’t have to make sense, but just simply entertain or have a badass actor in it to promote the product.


4.Audi R8 ‘Commander’

Some businesses take commercials to the next step and create short stories, just like Audi has done. The German company told a heart-melting story of a retired astronaut who comes back to his old happy self when driving his son’s new Audi R8. A beautiful and very touching commercial that is bound to make you cry and feel overjoyed by emotions.

5.Hyundai ‘First Dates’

Kevin Hart, the King of comedy and funny commercials. His most recent TV spot with Hyundai not only managed to win the best Super Bowl Commercial but also brings tears to people’s eyes from too much laugher. It shows Kevin Hart lend his car to his daughter’s date so he can track their constant whereabouts, typical dad behaviour. Are we the only ones who could actually imagine him doing that in real life?

6.Microsoft ‘IWD – WhatMakesNext’

Microsoft went for a different approach by trying to educate and showcase a different subject in their ads. They question a variety of girls about inventors the know, but they only talked about male ones. Microsoft wanted to show these girls, that they are extraordinary women out there who invented items such as the brake pads on cars. Great commercial that is supposed to encourage and support women.


7.Aldi ‘Everyday Amazing’

Aldi is trying hard to compete with big superstores like Tesco and therefore put extra effort into their ads. By combining entertainment and educating people where their food is from, they can only guarantee to win over a few more customers. Aldi’s sales are not slowing down, and this could potentially be because of their amusing commercials.

8.Cadbury ‘Obey Your Mouth’

Watching the latest chocolate advert from Cadbury just makes us want to be wizards like Harry Potter so we can magically get some chocolate as soon as possible. It not only makes us crave chocolate but also makes us say ‘awww’ because of the cutest and most awkward conversation the guy and girl are having. All we can think now is, what happened to the cute couple? Will Cadbury ever make a sequel show how their love blossomed?


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