Black is the New Black

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Saluting Dad’s Army

Saluting Dad’s Army is a Gold four-part documentary celebrating the iconic Dad’s Army on its 50th anniversary. We at the Camden Studio contributed to the upcoming series by…

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A Diet Coke Break With Refinery29

Not too long ago we welcomed Refinery29 to our state of the art studio to shoot their series of interviews entitled A Diet Coke Break with…

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From London to Liverpool – Twickenham Studios Branches out

Last week it was announced that London’s very own Twickenham Studios will be investing £50 million into a production facility at the Littlewoods building in Liverpool. Owned by…

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Hiring a Green Screen Studio In London

Hiring a green screen studio in London can help you with getting all your special effects right. But, what is green screen technology? The technology used here is the basis of all…

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