John Lewis “Monty the Penguin” advert was watched 6.9m times in the first 24 hours.

It’s that time of the year again when all the shops are being filled with lovely chocolate and biscuit treats, everywhere you go it smells of cinnamon and apple and all the big companies are competing against each other for the best Christmas advert. But which company has won the battle and the hearts of the world so far?

John Lewis

Every year people patiently wait to see what John Lewis has come up with, and once again, this year they made the world smile with Buster the Boxer. This year’s advert has been completely different to previous ones and a few people took to social media to express their disappointment. But who doesn’t love seeing a happy dog bouncing around on a trampoline that makes your heart melt and encourages people to say ‘aww’? We love the advert and weren’t the graphics just incredible too?

Marks & Spencers

Another top contestant this year has been the advert from Marks & Spencers showcasing the life of Mrs Claus. It’s such an adorable advert that truly defines sibling rivalry and love, with the story of a little boy whose letter to Santa arrived a little late. But thanks to Mrs Claus, who went on a secret mission, Christmas was saved and the little boy was able to surprise his older sister – what a story!


Aldi has published some grandiose adverts ns the past year and their Christmas one has really topped it off. It follows the adventure of Kevin the Carrot making his way across the Christmas table to the mince pies to hopefully meet Santa Claus, but of course, for a 3-inch carrot, the journey can be tough. It’s a must watch and the special effects are also incredible.


This year it all seems to be about animals and Waitrose didn’t disappoint with their advert that tells the story of a robin’s adventure returning home for a mince pie. Their special effects are spectacular and Waitrose, themselves, describe it as the most ‘creative and sophisticated’ advert they have ever created. We, of course, don’t want to spoil any details so please watch it yourself first.  


Fashion brands always go one step further when it comes to adverts and lookbook films, so it comes to no surprise that this Christmas the British luxury brand Burberry has spent an extraordinary amount of £10m for it’s three and a half minute film.

‘The Tale of Thomas Burberry’ tells the story of the company’s founder and has been written by Academy Award-nominated Matt Charman and directed by Academy Award-winning Asif Kapadia. The short film has been such a huge success that most people took to Twitter in hope of Burberry turning the campaign into a feature film.


Another great contestant this year has been Boots with their beautiful advert giving back to all those women who work on Christmas Day. It shows a number of women receiving a makeover with boots products to then be reunited with their loved ones for a celebration. It’s a different kind of advert but just as heartwarming as others, it tells the stories of women who sacrifice their Christmas day to support their communities and Boots wanted to give those an early Christmas present.

We simply cannot believe how amazing all these Christmas adverts have been this year. However, we have a personal favourite through Marks & Spencers’ ‘Mrs Clause’. The story is beautiful, the special effects have been amazing and the overall feel you get afterwards is just beautiful. We would love to find out which one you like the most, let us know on Facebook & Twitter!