An Affordable Blue Screen Studio in London

The Camden Studio is equipped with a pre-lit 2-wall cyclorama with dimmer and infinity cove, and the option for black, white or chroma key studio backgrounds. The images below show model Michelle Marsh making use of the latter of these, for 2008 reality TV series CelebAir. Promotional shots were taken in front of a blue screen at The Camden Studio.

How does a blue screen studio achieve the desired effect? (via

blue screen studioWhat the bright, blank background does is create a clear field around the actor, allowing for clean outlines of his or her body and motions. When the film of the actor against the blue screen is taken into a digital editing medium, the blue or green background can be edited out using a transparency filter that causes all things in each frame in that particular shade of blue or green to appear invisible. (For this reason, actors can’t wear any clothing in that shade, or even wear much white that might reflect the background shade, because the filter will catch it and create a “hole” in the actor’s clothing or body.)

With the blue screen edited out, nothing is left but the actor(s) seemingly floating in empty space; using layered compositing, they can then be laid over the background intended for the scene. Lighting effects to match the scene can even be added, so that they seem to blend in better rather than being wholly displaced because they were filmed in a different lighting environment.


Green screen or a blue screen studio?

The Camden Studio has options for both these types of chroma key screen. The important issue is the sensitivity and processing of the colour channels for a digital camera – what works best given the colours in the scene. Colour correction does tend to be easier on blue screen than with green screen filming – green’s high luminance means more light reflects from a green screen (known as green spill).

More crucial than the choice of chroma key backdrop is the lighting, and The Camden Studio has twelve space lights & twelve cyc lights permanently rigged through dimmers with a 42 channel programmable lighting desk. Should you wish to hire a green screen studio or a blue screen studio, we can make it happen for you with ease.