Chroma Key Studio London

If you require cheap green screen film studio hire, look no further than The Camden Studio. Our chroma key studio London measures 12m x 10m x 5m, has an L-shaped infinity cyclorama studio, and comes kitted with space light x 12 for cyc lighting. We offer blue screen and  greenscreen studio backgrounds, as well as a black or white cyc wall.

The Camden Studio is a drive in studio situated in North London with free parking and 24 hour access. Camera rental houses Aimimage & ICE Film are located just a few yards away, with full camera packages from the Canon C300 to Arri’s Alexa all available in house at favourable rates. Along with the fully soundproofed stage area, we can provide everything you need for film production – including cheap studio lighting, a camera operator, green room and post production office.

Chroma key studio London – about

chroma key studio LondonWhether you need to take photographic stills or shoot scenes for a film or commercial, our chroma key screen is available for use. Pictured is Zoe Ball in front of The Camden Studio’s chroma key backdrop in publicity shots for Strictly Come Dancing. Below shows the chroma key studio being put to great use for Ray Winstone’s memorable Bet365 television advertisements.

The chroma key effect is achieved by filtering out an unwanted colour hue in post production, usually bright green or blue. These are then replaced by an alternate background video in a way that is relatively inexpensive. The technique was developed in the 1930s, and has been used right up to recent Oscar winners, such as Ang Lee’s Life of Pi.

Chroma key studio London – example

Full crew packages with camera kit & lighting, or dry hire are all available from just one phone call to Peter Gregory, manager of The Camden Studio. Call to hire the chroma key studio London today.