Central London Cyclorama Studio

Looking to rent a cyclorama studio in London? The Camden Studio has a pre-lit two-wall cyc with dimmer and infinity curve and the option for Chroma-key, black or white backgrounds. Read on to find out more about this feature and why you may require it for your Central London film shoot.

What is a cyclorama studio? (via wikipedia)

cyclorama studio

A cyclorama is a large curtain or wall, often concave, positioned at the back of the stage area. It was popularized in the German theater of the 19th century and continues in common usage today in theaters throughout the world. A “cyc” (US theatrical abbreviation) can be made of unbleached canvas (larger versions) or muslin (smaller versions), filled scrim (popularized on Broadway in the 20th century), or seamless translucent plastic (often referred to as “Opera Plastic”). Traditionally it is hung at 0% fullness (flat). When possible, it is stretched on the sides and weighted on the bottom to create a flat and even surface. As seams tend to interrupt the smooth surface of the cyclorama, it is usually constructed from extra-wide material.

As the name implies, it often encircles or partially encloses the stage to form a background.

Why use a cyclorama studio?

Cycloramas can be illuminated by a lighting designer to match mood or achieve varied looks, and are often used to create the illusion of a sky onstage. An infinity cyc curves smoothly at the bottom to meet the studio floor, so that with careful lighting it gives the illusion that the film studio floor continues to infinity.

The Camden Studio

The Camden Studio is fitted with an L-shaped infinity cyc, and provides full camera and crew packages at favourable rates via in house camera rental companies Aimimage and ICE Film. Look no further for a cyclorama studio in Central London.