film funding

Film funding is critical to movie making as air is to the living.

Regardless if your an amateur or a professional, your film project will never see the light of day without the financial backing it so needs. Good thing there are more ways than one to fund your film and get it going.


When it comes to smaller projects, setting up a fundraising campaign can be more effective. It will require more effort from you, as you will see yourself hosting fundraising dinner parties, or start a raffle contest. If you have a movie theater, you can also get advertisers into the fold to generate your funds .

Why is this more effective for smaller film efforts? Simple – proceeds from your fundraisers go only to you. Moreover, the generous folks who plunked down donations wouldn’t want anything else in return but to see your film come to fruition and not you driving around in a new BMW.


Thousands of companies out there fund artistic projects in the form of grants. Amounts may differ, making it highly likely that you’ll get a grant that will suit your needs. Granted that you get corporate backing, your project gets a nice reputation boost because everybody loves a good brand name.

Expect some stiff competition acquiring grants though. You’ll definitely be doing a lot of research and preparation to become a recipient. Companies won’t give you a grant if your project is half-baked and doesn’t even offer a sliver of potential.



Thanks to the internet, crowdfunding has grown in popularity among filmmakers looking for ways to get film funding. Kickstarter is one of the more well-known crowdfunding sites out there, boasting a 46% success rate for people who advertise on their site.

You post an ad about your project, and folks interested enough to donate will do so in exchange for some gift or perk. The more they donate, the better the gift.

Keep in mind that a successful crowdfunding campaign depends heavily on the people you know who’d be interested in donating, and making your project interesting enough for strangers to do same. Try to get A-list actor/s, or develop a really good storyline, or a trailblazing method of filming to get the most out of your crowdfunding campaign.

You’re not getting free money because of the gifts and perks you’ll be offering in return, and there will always be fees crowdfunding sites would require you to pay. You’ll also need to invest a great deal of time and effort campaigning in social media.

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