filming on location

Making a choice between filming on location and a studio has both its pros and cons – and will depend on what your looking for, and several other important factors.

Filming On Location vs Studio

While the term ‘filming on location’ may sound exciting and attractive – you may be thinking exotic settings like Africa or Asia. In reality, location shooting may be done in your backyard, your local park, school or shopping center.

Simply put, location shooting means you are filming in the actual setting where your story takes place, instead of a film studio. Remember that this does not necessarily mean you will have to fly to China to shoot a scene in your movie that’s supposed to be in Shanghai.

You can substitute filming locations that are set to look alike, and perhaps your local Chinatown will do. Many filmmakers choose to go filming on location because they believe it makes the film more realistic. However, there are several factors than can affect this decision.

For one, the film’s budget will need to be taken into consideration. Depending on where exactly you want to shoot, you may need to travel and cover the expenses that come along with it, including transportation and accommodation, if needed.

If the location that you have chosen is somewhere in your area, then this will be easier on your budget. While you will not be paying for studio hire, you may not have all the technical equipment on hand when you film. Also, you may need to get permits or releases, depending on the local laws or regulations. If you will be shooting indoors – say, in a restaurant or a house – you may need to pay the building or homeowner a fee.

filming on location

On the other hand, filming in a studio allows you to have more control over the sounds and visuals. There are a lot of film studios in London that are sound proofed and are fully equipped with lights and sounds equipment. You can use a green screen or cyclorama, then edit the background during post production.

In studio shooting is ideal for indoor scenes such as in a kitchen, bedroom, school or cafe, although some filmmakers play with the lighting and props to make an outdoor feel more realistic. You can virtually make  any set on the same stage without having to drive from one location to the next, saving you a lot of time and money. Remember to take into account the rental fee for a studio hire, as well as the props that you will need to set up your stage.

Whether you will be filming on location or in a studio will all boil down to what your preferences and needs are. Most of the time you’ll be doing both. Contact us today at The Camden Studio to know more.