We all love a light hearted, fun and creative visual from time to time, which usually tends to make us feel like a kid again. Witnessing all the different animation styles and themes makes you realise that the beauty of animation is that one’s imagination is the only limitation in producing something original and spectacular. The real question is which films do it the best? There are a few studios who are dominating the scene with their strong presence such as Pixar and Disney, and have been for years. Seeing a film which consists purely of CGI is a very visually enriching experience. It’s almost like being taken on a journey through a whole different world altogether, which can be quite enjoyable.

There are some animations which stand out in particular as a whole, nailing every different aspect with their production, all the way from the character profiles and aesthetics, to the alluring and hypnotising soundtracks. Here are five animated films that you must see:



What’s most amusing about this animation is the ingenious concept. Quite a simplistic idea to give an inanimate object a sense of personality and character, but seeing how we often refer to our beloved vehicles as if though they are our other half, would sort of make sense to give them life within a film, giving each and every different vehicle distinct traits and characteristics.

Having an entire non-human cast gives us the sense of being in another fictional world with a fun and adventurous feel to the narrative, getting that feel that you are being taken on an exciting journey. We find that a lot of animations these days revolve around excessive use of dramatic set pieces, which of course adds a lot of drama to the film, but the art of perfecting this technique can be complex, as some tend to over do it. Cars on the other hand nailed the pacing and kept us engrossed, anticipating those key moments just at the right time. It is one of our personal favourites, which will never fail to give us that same rush each and every time we watch it.


The Incredibles


How cool would it be to part of a super hero family? Just imagine how a fight between the siblings would turn out… The whole house would collapse and you would probably end up doing more damage to the surroundings than each other. The incredibles captures a simplistic animation style with a plastic-like finish. It may not be the most intricate in its aesthetics, but that doesn’t impact its smooth and fluent flowing vibrancy. The story follows a family with extraordinary superhero powers who are forced to hide their powers, and live a quiet life in the suburbs. They soon decide against this and take matters into their own hands. The animation intelligently explores modern American uniformity, whilst satirizing superhero comics. It cleverly delves into common themes which are apparent within American culture bringing a whole new level of intrigue in a way that can be understood by anyone. This is all done through the bright and rich visuals and well thought out pacing bringing together an exciting film with memorable characters.


Toy Story

Simply one of the best animations to date. A timeless classic which never fails to spark the same reaction each and every time we watch it. Toy Story is an extremely smart and imaginative concept, following a bunch of anthropomorphic toys pretending to be lifeless in the presence of humans, with such distinct characters and a fun yet constructive plot. I mean really, who doesn’t know who Buzz Lightyear is?! One of the most iconic characters ever created. This makes me really acknowledge how important the distinction and originality of a character is. He gives the young generation a sense of hope, a symbol of courage and bravery, a bold and charismatic astronaut with a tendency to be quite annoying yet hilarious at the same time. Toy Story has been an inspiration to many other films, and continues to do so even till this date.



Shrek paints out a rich and immersive world, with great humour, impressive character development, a brilliant soundtrack, and the donkey, who else better to voice the donkey than one of the most popular comedians of all time, Eddie Murphy. Throughout this animated film, you almost get lost in its fantastical tale, following Shrek and his sidekicks. Shrek is on a mission to rescue the princess to rid the plague of feisty fairy tale creatures. As he embarks on his adventure, he stumbles upon many interesting obstacles, making his mission that much more exciting. Shrek’s an all time classic, with a fantastic balance of all the elements needed to formulate a quality and fun animation.


Inside Out

Inside out is a comedy adventure set inside an 11 year old girl’s head, where a bunch of fictional personified character plays each of her emotions. What makes this one particularly compelling is its ability to create situations and feelings we can all relate to. It’s always refreshing to see something uniquely clever, with a new concept which touches on issues we have all experienced to some degree. Even better, it’s done masterfully with such creativity, cool animation effects and memorable characters who all play an essential role in formulating this fantastical adventure. The film vividly explores common themes, with a strong and engrossing script and amazing visually creative elements, all done in a way in which each aspect compliments each other, making a fun and interesting journey.

What we all love about the use of computer generated imagery is the fact that it can be created without much restriction, and has the ability to visually transform a set piece into something far more aesthetically pleasing. Even if it may be through the use of 3D animation, post production effects or by using a green or blue screen, the possibilities are endless. If you have a creative vision, why not bring it to life? At Camden Studios we offer fully soundproofed and air conditioned studio space, as well as a green screen room for affordable rates. For more information contact our team.