Last week it was announced that London’s very own Twickenham Studios will be investing £50 million into a production facility at the Littlewoods building in Liverpool as an expansion project.

Owned by Capital&Centric, the Littlewood Complex will provide 250,000 sq ft of space for the Hollywood standard filming complex that will be an addition to Twickenham’s thriving London studios.

The Littlewoods Pools

The iconic building was initially home to Littlewoods Sports Betting Company, also known as Littlewoods Pools, that was founded in 1923.

The building was used to distribute goods to those ordering from the Littlewoods catalogue and this mail-order business evolved into a string of successful high-street stores. The business grew into the largest private company in Europe by the 1980’s before it succumbed to an increase in competition.

A Victory for the Film Industry

Since the departure of Littlewoods, the impressive structure has remained derelict awaiting renovation. It is an extremely exciting moment for the British studio business as historical and famous properties such as these are being made available to a film industry that is in desperate need of more space.

After an extremely successful century in West London, Twickenham Studios are expanding their business up North and we wish them all the best in their endeavours and can’t wait to soak up all the good press their new project will generate!

The Camden Studio

Here at the Camden Studio we are also proud of our contribution to the UK film industry and the expansion of Twickenham studios only serves as motivation. In partnership with Aimimage and ICE film, we offer a broad range of services in the accessible location of Camden Town.

Our Green Screen setup is extremely well equipped and efficient, catering for all jobs from commercials to film & TV to music videos. Our partnership with Aimimage and ICE also allows a smooth process with reference to kit hire and crew.

Camden Studio Green Screen