Drastic advancements in technology in recent years have given us the ability to harness the true power of current innovations. Some of us quite like the idea of having the option to view movies in 3D or wear a virtual reality headset to experience a new realm of immersion, whereas others are quite content with the simple old fashioned practices. But one thing’s for sure, technology is rapidly shaping the future of film.


With the great proliferation of digital platforms, and computer-based capabilities, what lies ahead is a thrilling journey that we are all excited to embark on. Continuously evolving in the field of tech, it’s evident to see that the evolution of film technology is at the forefront of innovation, meaning we are only yet to be exposed to a lot more fascinating discoveries.

3D Video Technology


Argued by some as a gimmick in the film industry, 3D ready movies have literally redefined how we watch films, taking the experience to a whole new immersive level. It’s safe to say that 3D viewing has now broken through to the mainstream market, and it has become the norm to have the option to watch your desired film with a pair of polarised glasses.


One of the great things about 3D viewing is that we can enjoy the luxury of it from the comfort of our very own homes. With the release of 3D ready television and projector sets meaning we don’t have to visit our local cinema and be subjected to extortionate rates to enjoy the capabilities of 3D viewing.


Virtual Reality


Descending upon something far greater than three dimensional cinema comes the birth of near reality simulation. With all the talk revolving around virtual reality these days, we are excited to see what other plans are set for the near future. Virtual reality takes immersive entertainment to a whole new level, allowing users to interact with virtual environments in a very seamless way. What we most like about virtual reality is the number of ways people can enjoy the experience, there’s options to use it for games and simulations, as well as TV and film.


Having the ability to interact with your surroundings in various ways is incredibly entertaining, and it encourages users to become a lot more active in order for them to fully appreciate the functions of the VR. With the technology still in it’s early stages, this may lead to some interesting directions from filmmakers, where they can potentially explore new possibilities.


3D Printing


3D printing has been around for a couple of years now, but has only just started impacting the film industry. What’s great about 3D printing is that it can be used to create three dimensional objects which would be otherwise difficult or impossible to materialise. Think props that are difficult to source, how great would it be to download a template and print it off? 3D printing allows just that and enables production teams to conjure up some pretty awesome designs, giving that extra feel of realism to film sets.


3D printing is set to revolutionise film-making in terms of production and design, and it has become a commonplace to see artists explore CGI and VFX effects in film, which can work rather well with 3D printing. Best of all, the technology saves time and money, two very precious elements for film producers.


All in all, the film industry continues to evolve with the help of technology. Concepts such as virtual reality and 3D viewing would have been stuff of dreams 10 years ago, yet they are now becoming the common theme in blockbuster movies. As time goes on, we expect to see this trend spread to independent filmmakers and those on lower budgets as the technologies become more accessible. Think of your favourite documentary or soap opera in virtual reality? Being in the middle of Albert Square or the Amazon rainforest, the future is bright for the film industry thanks to technology.