Green screen studio to rent in London, Camden

Green screen studio to rent in London for your visual effects needs

The Camden Studio is a cyclorama and greenscreen studio to rent in London, located outside of the congestion zone, in Camden.

green screen studio to rent in London

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The Camden Studio is fully sound proofed to a sound characteristic of NR15. 12 Space lights & 12 cyc lights are permanently rigged through dimmers with a 42 channel programmable lighting desk. This allows you to set the levels, light an subject matter with no more expensive pre-light days on your white cyc or green screen shoots. This lighting is excellent for use in a green screen studio.


An extra wide and dense fabric with a pebbly matte appearance. 100% polyester ideal for green & blues screen shooting in the green screen studio to rent in London.  Keys better than paint due to its unique woven structure and almost luminous like patented characteristics. Quick to erect, allows you to shoot white cyc then black & green / blue all in the same day at The Camden Studio.

The green screen studio to rent in London can help create some bold aesthetics for your film or television production. Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ used a green screen studio to realise lavish sets and even small elements of scenes that may well go unnoticed by the viewer. Some critics criticised and some critics praised Luhmann’s use of the green screen in his extremely stylised film.

This four minute clip comprises of scenes that were filmed against a greenscreen (or blue screen as the case may be) and then superimposed against the film’s lavish backdrops. Each greenscreen shot is shown before it dissolves into the final version, transforming into the finished product.

This clip enables you to see the powerful effects a greenscreen studio can have on a production.

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