Hiring a green screen studio in London can help you with getting all your special effects right.

But, what is green screen technology?




The technology used here is the basis of all special effects in everything from your daily weather forecast to major Hollywood productions. Here is how it works: You make your background a single colour – green or blue is typically used. Post- production, you use a computer software to isolate that colour and make it transparent.

Once the background is fully transparent, you can replace it with your special effects or any video clip or image. Superimposing anyone or anything into a shot or a frame is easily done with a green screen. This process is called chroma key compositing or chroma keying.


Why green?

Green is the most commonly used colour in backdrops for chroma keying because the image sensors used in digital video cameras have a bayer pattern that allocates more pixels to the green channel, making them more sensitive to the colour green.

As a result, the green camera channel can produce the cleanest key, matte or mask because it contains the least ‘noise’. The green colour also needs less light to be illuminated.


Green screen studio in London: where to get a green screen

If you are looking to buy a green screen, there are many electronics stores that carry different brands. You may even find some in websites like Gumtree.

A more cost efficient idea – especially if you don’t have your own studio at home – is to get a studio hire that is equipped with a green screen. Hire a green screen studio in London that also offers other equipment such as projectors or cameras, and is soundproofed.

A studio hire is a great way to get access to a professional studio that is most ideal for your project and be able to provide all the equipment that you need in your production and pay one fee for everything. This is more cost efficient than buying the equipment yourself, and more convenient than renting them from different suppliers.

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