Making movies can be fun and financially rewarding. But starting in the industry can be challenging. Here’s an easy guide on how to make a movie.

How to make a movie:

Write the story

-Visual: Start with a visual story. Come up with an idea that you can turn into a movie. You don’t have to put the details in, just the basic idea or premise.

– Make the story: Expand your basic idea and build your characters and their characteristics, their likes and dislikes, what they want and how they are changed in the story. Identify the scene in which your story will begin, and make sure you there is a beginning, middle (conflict build up), and an end to your story.

– Write the script : Write your screenplay, in which every part is broken down into a scene that you can shoot.


Get the essentials

– Camera : Decide on what type of camera you need and your budget. Remember that you don’t have to use very high-end or expensive models. Consider renting cameras, lenses and other equipment as they will be easier on your budget.

– Editing: Editing on camera will mean filming everything in order and making only perfect shots. This means you will need to import the videos to a computer so you can edit the shots together, add music, as well as audio and visual effects.

– Location: Decide whether you want to film on location or in a film studio. Read more about the pros and cons of each here. Take into consideration that you can rent a film studio, which will have all the equipment that you will need, including those for post production.


Hire the people

– Director : Hire the director, who will control the creative part of your film, and will be the channel between the crew and cast.

– Cinematographer / Director of Photography:  In charge of lighting and actual filming, the cinematographer will work closely with the director in each shot or scene.

– Set Design: Hire someone who will be assigned to the visuals, including props, and for small projects, this will also include costumes, hair, makeup.

– Sound: Your sound and music direct will be in charge of recording the dialogue, adding music and sound effects.

-Cast : If you have the budget, get a casting director to select the cast for your film. For low budget films, look for people in your local community – however, it is not advisable that you cast yourself, or friends and family. If you can – and you have the budget – hire professional actors.


Now you’re ready to start filming! Gather your crew and all your equipment and plan your schedules accordingly. Remember to export your film to a digital format when you’re done. If y0u need help, or you’re looking for a fully equipped studio to film in, call us at the Camden Studio today.