When it comes to producing a great film or video, the location of it plays an important aspect. It’s not just about finding the right actors or soundtracks, but also where it’s going to take place. The setting of a film tells a little story itself and sets the tone of a film, for example, a film about teenagers will more likely set in a school for a youthful feel and atmosphere. When scouting for the perfect location it’s of great significance to bare a few things in mind:

Location or studio?

There are two main options that need to be considered first, the big question is:studio or on location? Picking between them can also be dependent on how big the budget is, those on a lower budget will more likely have to choose one of the two options and those with a higher budget can use both. With both settings, there are different factors that need to be considered.Below, we’ve gone into both in more depth:

A studio setting is often higher priced option initially, however, it will guarantee for a controlled environment – no background noises or visuals that need to be taken into consideration. Most film studios come with soundproof walls to keep noise in and withdraw any outside noise. They will also feature green screens, allowing for the insertion of multiple backgrounds when editing. Many people nowadays use studio settings for outdoor locations as well, they just add the right props and lighting to make it look realistic. Of course for such a task it’s important to have experience or at least to have experimented to know what will work and what won’t.

Another benefit that comes by picking a studio setting is to have everything in one place when switching scenes, no need to transport all of the equipment to another location because it’s all done in-house.

On location, filming involves choosing a setting that will match your storyline and add realism to it. One advantage on location filming has over studio is the fact that it is real footage of real people in real places. If for example, your setting is a street or an area, you will have people in the backgrounds that add authenticity to it. A little trick that many filmmakers live by is to pick a location to film, but in the film advertised it as another one. This little trick is often done to reduce costs when the storyline takes place in a major city such as New York for example.

Another benefit of filming on location is to save money on production costs. This, however, comes with a couple of negatives, which are obtaining permits and release forms. When choosing your location it’s necessary to remember sounds and visuals. Is there a noisy background sound or other specifics that may interfere with the filming process.

No matter what location, it’s important to guarantee that the correct equipment is used and that all the legal work is completed. It’s important to be prepared for anything, no matter the situation, and to always have a backup plan.

Licence to film

Once the location has been picked, it’s recommended to sort out the legalities as soon as possible, to secure the rights of the locations. If it’s a public place a permit will be needed and for private properties an additional location release form is compulsory.

Every country has different laws, so it’s necessary to inform yourself beforehand to not delay the filming production because of some missing documents or permits.

Location for Trustworthiness

Locations have a huge impact on a film and the incorrect location will just give a weird feel about it and not support the storyline. The best example for this is a well-known scene from the film ‘The Notebook’:

Noah and Allie are in a rowing boat, surrounded by tons of swans – it’s mystical and super romantic. Both are still happy at that point, but once the mood had changed the weather changed too. It was raining heavily once they arrived back at the dock and shouting at each other. He then pulled her towards him and, you can picture the rest…



A well-crafted movie scene, with the most perfect and suitable location. If it was done differently it could have changed the whole feel of the film, and lost it’s impact.
Overall, thinking about your location from the start is just as crucial as finding the right actors. It’s significant to always remember that the mood and atmosphere need to fit the surroundings to produce a compelling video or film – it can only then be successful.


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