London Indie Fest


As you know, The Camden Studio is renowned for being the go-to place for commercials, film, TV and music videos. We have welcomed the likes of Rag n Bone Man, Geordie Shore and Strictly to our green screen and white cyc studios and have a lot more exciting projects to share with you soon!

However, we’d like to introduce you to a few International short films that showcased at the London Indie Film Festival… The Camden Studio were there and we’ve brought you all the lights, cameras and action.


#WhoWeKill by Pavel Ivanov

This Russian black comedy won the ’Best Student Film Director’ award at Bucharest’s ShortCut Cinefest back in December, last year (same year it was released).
The eight minute film was praised on its “good shots”. We weren’t sure if the audience was referring to the camerawork or the drama.
If you want something to compare it to, think a budget, student-esque and more modern ‘The Godfather’…

Double Tenancy by Thomas Smalley & Tess Marie Garneu

This Canadian witty short was just what we needed! ‘Double Tenancy’ is a Western comedy that tells the story of Margret, who becomes widowed after the death of her husband.
Shockingly, her late-husband’s mistress comes to stay – bringing a will and all of her baggage. The loophole in the will means everything is owed to her (the mistress) and they’re forced to share it…

Spotlight by Otalia Causse

’Spotlight’ was a short , silent animation brought to us by Otalia, a student in France. The story follows a violinist and pianist who are performing, with a spotlight in front of them.
Everyone who attended LIFF agreed that this one was “well cut”.

Shortly Before Disappearing by Guglielmo Poggi

This short was nominated for ‘Best Narrative Short Film’ award at Barcelona Planet Film Festival. Although we enjoyed it, we do remembering having to wait until the closing credits before we saw the name of it.
It had no titles.

Dark Dreamer by Max Ponischowski

‘Dark Dreamer’ won ‘Film of the Month’ in January, ‘Original Score of the Month’ & ‘Actor of the Month’ at The Monthly Film Festival. It’s a German fantasy/thriller/drama that was directed by a student.

The Prologue by Andy Kastelic

Absolutely no one understood the purpose of this film upon first screening. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered (like a lens when it’s not in use).
The plot: a man is resurrected from death’s door so that he can realise his dream life in the American West and solve the mystery of his wife’s murder and get his revenge.

Bad Habits by Emilios Avraam

‘Bad Habits’ is a short film that revolves around a library cataloger who makes a discovery. In his attempt to address the matter he gets caught up in a dangerous scheme that puts him at risk. In the meantime he forms a new habit. It featured at Festival De Cannes.

Black Air by Andreas Gabor

This film was beautifully shot in monochrome. The edits were second to none.

Perched by Liam Harris

‘Perched’ was our favourite of all. It had a ‘The BFG’ sense to it, telling the story of an old man in a submarine who befriends a seagull. It’s a stunning animated watch, suitable for all the family.

On Attend by Dimitri Sterkens

A little word of advice when watching ‘On Attend’. Don’t watch it unattended. It’s pretty thrilling, had us all at the end edge of our seats. We heard LIFF goers say it was “bloody good”, the intro was definitely bloody.
The leading actress, Jennifer Heylen, is sensational and her performance here was Oscar-worthy.

Maria Fernanada in Time by Xavier Pijuan

What a film, a mighty good film. It’s hilarious. The plot follows an overprotective mother who enters her sons laboratory and creates a scientific experiment of explosive proportions.

Shadows in the Dark by TL Westgate

‘Shadows in the Dark’ is very what it says on the tin… Dark. It makes for a “dark” but spectacular viewing. We this Chicago-filmed short. We’re sure that if thrillers are your type of thing, you’ll love it. To lighten the mood, sit through the credits – you’ll see some actors’ bloopers.

Golden Bloom “Searching for Sunlight” by Marylys Merida

‘Golden Bloom, Searching For Sunlight’ made for a great viewing. However, it did have us “searching” for its name, because it wasn’t apparent in the titles. This short was definitely our second favourite.