BBC’s documentary collection Storyville has long been a favourite with harden doc fans. The series showcases the best international documentaries and feels like a sensitive  yet methodical bit of scheduling. Most of the films in the series are independently funded, refreshingly groundbreaking and scarily relevant. The latest selection of 3 films run under a the umbrella of “The Modern Outlaws’.


The Hip Hop Hoax – Silibil n’ Brains, two Scottish guys who fooled the music world.

The films subject matters all focus on modern rule breaking, and cover diverse subjects including; the plight of Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot, Hip Hop impostors Silibil n’ Brains and the world most notorious diamond thieves. Watching these films you can tell they have been selected for their merit of craftsmanship, story telling and genuine enjoyability.

All 3 films are still on BBC iPlayer and we recommend everyone watched all of them!