Talking head videos offer a highly effective means for companies to get critical messages across. Whether your objective is to introduce a service, inform others about your business or advertise your latest product, you need to encourage viewers to listen to what you have to say and take action.

As with all marketing content, the best way to encourage engagement is to make it easily-digestible, relatable and exciting – the same applies to your talking head video.

Below, we have highlighted a few key areas with best practices to follow to help you get the most out of your talking head video shoots:


Keep it simple

To successfully produce a talking head video that works, you need to ensure that your subject matter is evident and carefully thought through. The messages you want to convey should be considered prior filming, and your video needs to be planned around them. Stick to no more than three key points that you wish to get across and keep it brief. If necessary, encourage people to read on to other content you may have, such as web pages or blog posts. This will ensure that your messages are more concise and will help keep viewers engaged.


Focus on preparation

Preparation is vital when it comes to shooting video, and this applies regardless of the format. You do not want to be struggling setting up autocue while everyone is in place, as this is likely to create bottlenecks that may leave you playing catch up for the rest of your shoot. Our advice is to make sure all elements of the shoot are planned well in advance and that adequate time is given to the members of the crew to set up. For example, getting your script to the autocue operator and your cameraman as early as possible will help you deliver a more polished product.


Use the right presenter

The presenter of your talking head video is everything. After all, they are the representation of your brand. Having an understanding of your target audience is vital here, as the presenter’s demeanour, tone, and general style need to suit the messages you are attempting to convey while being relatable to the audience it is intended for.

Sourcing the right presenter can be challenging. Sometimes companies opt for in-house members of staff or the business owner. However, this does not always lead to the most polished performance. Some businesses choose professionally-trained actors, however, unless they know what they are looking for can find themselves with the wrong person for the job. The key here is to understand all of your requirements before you attempt to source the presenter of your video.


Prepare your presenter

First impressions are everything. Therefore, ensuring that your presenter is well prepared for the shoot is vital. Focus on wardrobe, makeup, hair and other aesthetical elements as these have a lasting impact on how your audience perceives the presenter and therefore perceives your brand. The presenter of the talking head video should wear appropriate clothing that is clean and professional, avoid wearing excessive jewellery (unless it is part of the shoot) and avoid patterns that may not display well on camera. Finally, if shooting green screen shots, remember to avoid the colour green.


Take camera angles into account

Camera angles offer additional flexibility into what can be achieved with a talking head video. Shooting wider shots initially will set the scene, allowing the presenter to get into their groove and use gestures to elaborate on their dialogue. For additional run-throughs, it is advisable to move to a closer shot. There are many reasons for this, these include: being able to emphasise key points and being able to re-run sections that need finessing.


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