Using a pre lit film studio can make a huge difference to your film. Here’s why.

Making a film can be a lot go fun, especially if its your passion. But it also is very challenging. One of the most important elements of film is its location, and as the filmmaker, you get to decide whether to shoot in a studio or on location.

The decision between the two will depend on the needs of your film, as well as your budget. If you don’t think you can’t spare any of your budget on renting a film studio, or your film calls for locations like the park or an outside venue, then you may be better off finding a good location close by to shoot.

Shooting in a studio would work well for more creative props and set ups. However, unless you have the hardware and software needed, you may still need to use a film studio after shooting, even if you shoot on location. This is to accommodate post production editing.

A pre lit film studio

Film studios in London are commonly equipped with everything that you need to shoot your film, record your music or complete other similar projects. Typical equipments include (among others):

  • a green screen
  • a cyclorama
  • cameras
  • camera monitors
  • microphones
  • two- way communication with the control room
  • loud speaker

One of the benefits of using a film studio for shooting is that it is pre lit. This means that the lights are fixed to benefit film shooting. This means you can easily adjust the lights to meet your needs for every scene. The pre lit configurations are easy to adjust and set up, and can all be done from the control room.

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