Must a UK Film Studio Try and Sell in America?

Must a UK Film Studio Look to America?

As a UK film studio space available for hire, The Camden Studio has been involved in the production of a range of different films. Our studio was used for many of the interior scenes in iLL Manors – the crime drama from musician Plan B, clearly influenced by US gangster movies. Meanwhile, Steve Organ of Aimimage was cinematographer on Julien Temple’s London Babylon, a nominee for Best Documentary at the European film awards.

We watched this ceremony with interest on Saturday night. Following her attention-grabbing acceptance speech, we were intrigued to read Helen Mirren’s comments after the ceremony reported by the Guardian.

Mirren: ‘A UK Film Studio is Unlikely to Look to Europe’

Mirren expressed scepticism as to whether UK film-makers still looked to Europe aspirationally. “I think we have the great misfortune in Britain of speaking American. We’re always looking over there to sell our movies. And the brilliance of European film is that they can’t do that because Americans won’t watch movies with subtitles – they’re idiots, really, the general public, they won’t watch dubbed films either. So a [European] film has to be spectacularly successful to be shown in America.”

But she also felt Britain and America’s common tongue might be creatively detrimental. “In a weird way it’s kind of paralysed us. The best movies [we make] are the truly authentic British movies, without looking at the American market – by Ken Loach, by Andrea Arnold. They look the other way; they see themselves as European film-makers.”

The European film awards – “or as some people in America call it, ‘the what?'” quipped the German host, Anke Engelke – are administered in Berlin and were founded 25 years ago by the director Wim Wenders as an alternative to the Oscars. In his opening address, Wenders advocated greater investment in European cinema as a cure for the economic and identity crises from which he felt the continent was suffering. “With cinema we can rightfully own and convey the European dream.”

A UK Film Studio for All Movies

The Camden Studio

Everyone would like to see greater investment in European cinema, to promote the kind of independent and original content championed by the European film awards. As a UK film studio we’re proud to be involved in the production of good films period, and hope that this continues in the future.