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Ever heard the term ‘Indie Film’ but don’t quite know what it stands for? First of all, it’s short for independent film and secondly, it’s one of those terms that is defined differently by each person. But more on that below:

Indie Film Explained

An indie film is a short name for an independent film. Independent films are produced, either completely or for the most part, outside the major film studio system. It is also produced and distributed by an independent agency, and have a working budget of £20 million or even less.

Although indie films are typically made with low budget, the rise in their popularity has led to major film studios realizing the potential in this business. Many major film studios have an “indie” or arthouse branch that offers to fund independent films. Because of this, the separation between major and indie films have become vague over the years.

Indie films are usually distinguished by their content, style, and theme. Indie films are created to be non-mainstream. This is where the filmmaker’s artistic vision is realized and it is not made to appeal to the general public or even film critics. In essence, an indie film is defined by its spirit and its riskiness.

For indie filmmakers, they want to make films that show it like it is, that show what life is really like. Most do not like to stick with a perfectly made plot. An indie film is all about creativity and spontaneity.

Indie Films

Indie films today 

While the indie film movement was at its peak in the 1990’s, not just in film festivals but also in the box office, they continue to be on the rise today. With the availability of high-end film equipment – with inexpensive options and rental items – indie filmmakers no longer depend completely on major studios to provide them with what they need. Even small production companies can gather the resources needed in filming a movie on their own. Even post-production editing has been simplified with more software’s available everywhere.

Indie Films

Indie Film Examples


The indie film directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu in 2014 was a huge success and only received high marks. The film tells the story of a washed-up actor who is eager for a comeback on Broadway, whilst also trying to rekindle his relationship with his daughter. He is determined to make his play a success and overcomes many obstacles, such as the past association with his only successful role as ‘the birdman’.



Directed by Lynn Shelton and starring movie personalities such as Keira Knightley and Chloe Grace Moretz, the film Laggies has also been a major triumph for the indie film industry. The comedy/romance is about Megan who is having a quarter-life crisis after her boyfriend proposes, she ended up escaping her normal life and hides in the home of her new friend Annika. However, Annika is a 16-year old girl who lives alone with her single dad. A cute and romantic film that perfectly describes the feeling of ‘lagging’ behind.


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