If you are planning to make your own movie, then you need to be familiar with post production. Read on and learn more about it here.

What is post production editing?

In the industry of film, videography, and photography, post production editing, or simply post-production, is the third and final step in creating a film. It follows pre-production and production and refers to the work, usually editing, that needs to be completed after shooting the film. The tasks here usually include editing the raw video footage, cutting the scenes, adding special effects, dubbing and working with voice talents.

What happens during post production editing?

Let’s be more specific:

Post production editing in the film can include:

  • video editing using an edit decision list (EDL)
  • writing, recording, re-recording and editing the soundtrack
  • adding visual effects, usually computer generated imagery (CGI)
  • re-recording or mixing sound design, sound effects, ADR and music using professional audio equipment
  • transferring the color motion picture film to video or DPX with telecine and color grading in a color suite

In television, post production can include:

  • editing
  • video editing
  • sound editing
  • animation and visual effects insertions
  • viewing
  • the start of the airing process

In photography, post production is typically centered around editing the raw images taken during a photoshoot. The process can include:

  • loading the raw images into the editing software
  • for a photo montage, the photos will be arranged into the final document and integrated into the background
  • for advertising, the photos will be assembled together into a photo composition

In music, post production editing includes comping, the process of compiling the best parts of different takes into one superior take, as well as timing and pitch correction and adding of special effects. It can also include equalization and other sound adjustments.

In truth, post-production takes longer to complete than the actual shooting of the scenes for a film. In fact, it can take months to complete all the editing per scene, correcting the color and adding visual and sound effects. It is important that you have all the tools, software, and hardware that you need during this process.

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